Our particularities lie in the fact that we are subject to Swiss Professional Secrecy (identical to Banking Secrecy), we accept deposits and we benefit from the same deposit protection as banks do (as an esisuisse member), but do not offer commercial credits – i.e. we do not lend clients’ money to other investors, thus providing the highest level of security.

Legal Structure & License

Reporting Status

  • «Qualified Intermediary» with regards to US tax code IRC §1441 that regulates the withholding of income taxes from payments of U.S. source income made to a non-U.S. person
  • «Reporting Foreign Financial Institution» according to the US federal law FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) entered into force on June 30th 2014
  • «Reporting Financial Institution» with regards to the automatic exchange of information (CRS – Common Reporting Standards) in place since January 1st, 2017


  • SwissBanking, the Swiss Bankers Association
  • esisuisse, the deposit insurance scheme that guarantee client money held with Swiss branches of banks and securities firms
  • Payment networks SwiftSIC and EUROSIC


  • Swiss Association of Independent Financial Advisors (S.A.I.F.A.), a group of economic interests formed by specialized independent financial intermediaries who are confirmed professionals in the financial services industry
  • CIFA, a Swiss NGO-foundation whose goal is to promote “Investors Protection” at the UN in New York
  • The Swiss Village in Jakarta, promoting quality exchanges between Switzerland and Indonesia